Simplify Your Keys and Your Life

I have been reading Zen Habits recently when I ran across his post about simplicity hacks. One of the recurring themes in personal development and personal finance blogs is the concept of simplicity – simplifying your personal life and possessions, by getting rid of things you don’t need.

I was reminded of this concept recently when a relative asked me why I have so many keys on my keychain making it weigh close to a half of pound. I have never actually thought about that, and I did recently take the time to go through my keychain and get rid of keys I don’t need. There were plenty of keys I no longer needed, and in at least one case a key that I have been carrying around for over 15 years which opened a door I no longer had access to as an employee. Once I cleaned up the keychain, it weighed very little reminding me of importance of simplicity every time I pick it up.

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