How Writing Things Down Declutters Your Brain

I ran across recently a blog post which references an interesting lifehack concept called morning pages. According to Julia Cameron who mentions this concept in her book, morning pages is a habit of writing out three pages of prose every morning about anything currently on your mind. What is interesting about her concept is that you do not need to keep them around – you can destroy them after they are written. It serves as a brain dump for your thoughts – a way to dump those pesky thoughts in your head into a concrete form on paper so they don’t continue to jostle in your head.

Interestingly enough David Allen of the Getting Things Done (GTD) fame, has a similar concept in his book. He discusses how your brain tries to remember all the various things you need to do and that causes stress. If you have a system that captures those reminders, then you can “dump” them out into that system like paper or a PDA/smartphone/webapp, and they do not stress you out anymore.

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