Health Tip: Add Veggies and Fruits to Every Meal

There is a large body of medical research out there that shows that veggies and fruits have a lot of benefits. However, for many working people there simply isn’t enough time to go and buy fresh fruit/veggies and then cook them. Especially, since they tend to spoil pretty quickly.

A quick tip that I once saw somewhere – in order to get yourself used to eating veggies and fruit, is to make sure you have some of that at every meal. It maybe something small like a fresh apple or some baby carrots, or for the really lazy among us, some canned peas, but getting to like veggies and fruit as part of your daily meals, will make it easier to eat healthier down the road.

And no, french fries do not count as veggies :)

One thought on “Health Tip: Add Veggies and Fruits to Every Meal

  1. I would love to get links to some of these studies. At WorkSmart Labs we are trying to go over the data to see if a higher proportion of “Good” foods contributes to people’s weight loss and general health. Most of the studies we come across either have a very small sample or questionnaire type set ups that lead to a ton of noise.

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