Nabu Press = BiblioBazaar

For the past year or so, I have noticed a lot of new public domain books appearing in Amazon under Nabu Press. They seem to have no website and their books do not have any contact information, and I have gotten many inquiries from people thinking that my site, is actually Nabu Press (we are not). Yet, they keep pumping out public domain reprints to a tune of over 600,000 titles so far.

I took some time to check various state corporation databases and actually managed to find who Nabu Press is. They are … BiblioBazaar / BiblioLife, a company started by former BookSurge partners after they sold their POD company to Amazon. It is no surprise that they print their POD books through Amazon.

How do I know this – take a look at the SC filing for Nabu Press LLC. The registered agent is for Nabu is:


A search of the same site, reveals that only two other corporations have the same registered agent – BIBLIOBAZAAR II, LLC and BIBLIOLABS, LLC. BiblioLabs is part of BiblioBazaar as stated on their website.

So the final word is that Nabu Press is actually part of BiblioBazaar. HOWEVER, why did they NOT mention this on their website, and especially in the list of their imprints here? Could it be for legal reasons?

UPDATE: BiblioBazaar/BiblioLabs mentions Nabu Press as their reprint right here.

UPDATE #2: You can see all of Nabu Press titles on Amazon here, and all of BiblioLife titles right here.

UPDATE #3: You can contact Nabu Press / Biblio Labs right here.

55 thoughts on “Nabu Press = BiblioBazaar

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  2. I bought a book from a seller called Nevido on Amazon. Nevido is in Charleston, SC. It turned out to be a Nabu reprint. The only information provided by Nabu says it is in the public domain and was published prior to 1923. In this case, it is J.H. Whyte’s Church and State in Modern Ireland, 1923-1970, a book published in 1971. I am no expert, but this sounds like a book that is not in the public domain, and in any case certainly was not published prior to 1923. Is this part of a scam?

    • I am having exactly the same problem with a book written by my grandmother and published in 1948! Nabu Press claims to be the publisher and was not! I can’t get anyone, including Amazon to correct it. I’m wondering, like you – is it a scam?

    • I just bought one of their books thru Amazon , “The works of alfred lord Tennyson” and it came and is the cheapest thing I’ve ever seen. The printing looks like a poor scan job , print is indistinct, hard to read , plus it is NOT th works of Tennyson, just some of his writings. Don’t ever buy a “Bibliolife” book and be suspicious of Amazon books.

  3. Hmmm . . . Since BiblioBazaar was founded by the creators of BookSurge which is now CreateSpace, it seems Nabu may just be owned by Amazon.

    Bezos strikes again!


  5. I am also keen to establish who Nabu Press really are. They have published a re-print of my great great grandfathers book ‘Indian Gleanings and thoughts of the Past’ and Google now incorrectly ascribe the original work to someone totally different but of the same name! The book represents a significant milestone in my families history, with much emotion attached. I object to the wholesale abuse of older works.

    • I understand your frustration! All the info that Amazon shows for The Garnered Sheaves by Elizabeth H. Emerson (my grandmother) is false! Including the picture etc. Her book was first published in 1948 and does not fall into the category Nabu Press claims. I also found the same cover picture on another book Amazon is selling, something about Abraham Lincoln. My grandmother’s book is about our family, a family of Quakers. Something important others should realize is that Amazon does not care! I’ve been trying for months to get them to do something about this and they will not. I think scam is a good word for this situation. Don’t we have any legal rights?

  6. I recently bought a copy of Whitley Stokes’ The Martyrology of Oengus, originally published in London, 1905 (Oengus wrote it in 800 AD, but that was before the printing press). It was published by Nabu, with no address or way to contact Nabu. The disclaimer said this: “The book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages,….etc., that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process.” In my copy, 46 pages were unreadable (that is 9% of the pages) including 3 totally missing. In addition, throughout the entire 52 pages of the preface and the 273 pages of the body of the text, the right margins of the left-side pages are cut short. None of this is a reflection of the original publication, which is available in digital version online. I think the imperfections are more than “occasional,” I think it is clear they are systematic failures of care with the scanning process. The book is usable for my purposes, but I do not believe I would buy another from this Nabu outfit. crafte

  7. I think that some of those books are actually lifted from the library of congress and they don’t give permission to print their scans.

  8. Sir,
    I often try to buy one of the reprints but always I am disappointed, because I don’t receive the book I wanted The reason (I don’t know why) is that the reprint ordered is never designated by year,volume,number issue. So I receive always the wrong volume.The situation causes me to refrain from purchasing these otherwise fantastic reprints

  9. I bought the following online – in all good faith – from Amazon called:

    The Holy Bible, Containing The Old And New Testaments With The Apocryphal Books
    Author: John Wycliffe
    ISBN: 1178018350
    ISBN-13: 9781178018356, 978-1178018356
    Binding: Paperback
    Publisher: Nabu Press
    Number of Pages: 780

    So I was very annoyed indeed when it turned out that this reproduction was in fact only a tiny part of the original work – just a few books of the Old Testament!! The problem is that nowhere on the front cover ( or for that matter in the book details used by a seller ) is it made clear that the description is Totally inaccurate and possibly a mis-representation of the true facts! This is certainly wrong.

  10. I too have been trying to purchase a book by my great grandfather, (Are we a declining Race? An old Sailors Verdict. by Walter Hunt). It was originally printed in 1904 and amazon is showing the paperback written by Pee Wee Hunt, who don’t get me wrong is probably a fine musician, but nothing to do with the writing of said novel. This copy is also ‘published’ by Nabu Press. This has stopped me from buying it because i need to know i am buying the real thing

  11. ps . have found another reprint on amazon but this time published by Kessinger, with a different cover but with the correct authors’ name, but has the comment ‘Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages’, which was what gertie complained about on Oct 27, 2010 . So not really keen on buying this copy either

  12. I purchased two books reprinted by Nabu Press: Histoire du peuple de Genève, depuis la Réforme jusqu’à L’escalade, Volumes 1-3 and Volumes 4-7.
    Since the original work was a collection of 7 volumes, I assumed that the two reprints would have all seven volumes (as stated in the titles on Amazon).
    The first book was a reproduction of only volume 3, and the second book was a reproduction of only volume 5. How misleading!

    • I hope you returned them and got your money back off Amazon! To advertise a book as containing the first three (or last four) volumes of a seven volume original when each contains only one volume is as dishonest as, say, putting only three frozen fish fillets in a packet claiming to contain six, or 15 cigarettes in a pack marked 20. Forget that you’re buying literary works – whatever their high-falutin’ mission statements these people are producing and selling books as commodities and should be subject to the same legal requirements as any other manufacturer or supplier.

  13. I am very grateful for the information about Nabu Books. Since I loved Jean Webster`s Daddy Long Legs as a kid, I`d like to read all her books without spending too much money because it`s just for fun. I found copies by Nabu Press at a reasonable price but I will refrain from buying them now. I don`t mind reprints, but I do want a “real” book with a cover etc. and, of course, the complete text and due care given to the making of the book. I bought some other authors in “Girls Gone By” editions, which are fine for me. Being German, I am not familiar with English publishing companies. Which reprints are to be trusted? Nabu certainly not, nor, I suppose, Books on Demand. Apart from spending a fortune on the old originals – how can I tell which reprint is the real thing?
    Thank you.

  14. I ordered POD book the Trial of John H. Surratt Vol. I I was hoping that if I liked vol. I I would buy the concluding vol. II. Well the book cover says one, but when you open the book up it is vol. 2. So I tried to contact the dealer to find out what to do to get vol. 1 – They could give me no answer. Stated they don’t know if I need to order another vol. 1 which may end up vol 1 or be another vol. 2.

  15. Thanks for this information. This Nabu Press has done an odd job of choosing pictures for some of the book covers. For example, they’ve got the same picture of what looks to be a mountain in the Himalayas for History of the Civil War, 1861-1865 as well as for Ozma Of Oz and others as well, including a book about the plants of Delaware.

  16. People dealing with this company, please make sure to register your comments on Amazon. The book I got from Nabu is absolutely terrible. Pages are out of focus and unreadable, alignment is off so text runs off the edge of the page, and 8 of the 12 colour plates (which were my reason for purchasing the book) are missing. Text on the existing colour plates is illegible because the print was small and italic, so didn’t render well in on the slightly off-focus reproduction.

    Stay away from these “Exact duplicate” companies .. they don’t have the technology necessary to do this job right.

  17. Similar story to all the above: the Nabu Press edition of the 19th century play “The Octoroon” by Dion Boucicault is missing the first page, many pages are missing the first letter on every line along the left margin, and the readability is extremely poor.

  18. I just purchased one of these reprints by Nabu on Amazon.
    The quality is horrible and it is actually missing the last part of the original which is approx 150 pages!

    I have contacted Amazon.

  19. I’m new to ordering these reprints. Have a perfectly acceptable reprint from Kessinger and another from Pranava Books in Delhi. Recently ordered a title by Victorian Author G. Lacy Hillier with a title I did not recognise. It turned out to be one chapter only from His “Cycling” Longmans Green 1887-1905. Then I noticed several other Chapters retitled and sold as books. Ordered it through Blackwells Oxford so no problem getting money back. Recently I have been “asking bookseller a question” through Abebooks regarding a Nabu Press Book. Viz “Cyclist and Wheel World Annual” by C.W.Nairn et al. As it was issued annually for several years I have been trying to find what date the reprint is.(I have several years but not a complete set.) I asked the same question of eight bookseller listing it and not one of them would take the trouble to find out.I wonder why? Sincerely Dave Twitchett

  20. The books my Library get from Nabu are absolutely terrible. Pages are out of focus and unreadable, alignment is off so text runs off the edge of the page, and sometimes “phantom fingers” appear on board page…Never more!!!!!

  21. === I asked the same question of eight bookseller listing it and not one of them would take the trouble to find out.I wonder why?===

    They would have no way of knowing or finding out, because they are just listing the virtual book, which doesn’t come into existence until you order it and somebody associated with Nabu prints off a copy from a database of poor-quality scans.

  22. I just discovered Nabu Press reprinted the 4 Browne Readers my grandmother, Ruby Wrede Browne, wrote around 1920. I noticed the disclaimer in the Amazon description that stated it was an exact reproduction of scanned pages with potentially blurred pictures, damaged type, etc.. At first I was delighted someone had brought them back. Now I’m not so sure. I see many of the posts complain of poor quality. Had I know of the project, I would have gladly worked them on perfect scans since I have two complete sets of her books in mint shape. I will be trying to get in touch with them, especially if they are just printing on demand and can replace bad scans. I would appreciate any email info.

  23. Melinda: I do agree with Yakov you could publish them through I would not try to work with Nabu Press, however. They just don’t seem to care what the print, or what it looks like, so long as the get money.

    I run a volunteer website (volunteer of 1 = me) where I reprint public domain books I come across in book sales and antique stores for free on line. I also offer hard copies of some of these free books through a minimal fee through and in the Amazon Kindle store. I’d love to work with you on a project to get the Browne Readers all on my website. Feel free to contact me through my website:

    Jeff Kelley

  24. One of the things they does is to just print “reprints” of Google public domain documents they find, based on what orders they receive on line. And, where they deem appropriate, they post an attractive photographic cover on Amazon for it, which can be confusing if you know a title and are expecting something that looks old.

    Someone posts the documents they select from these old works, along with the gussied up cover on Amazon, as if the books are warehoused and ready to send. But they print them as needed based on the orders they receive, and then ship them.

    If they find a good copy of an original, then the reprint will more likely be acceptable for anyone who may be interested in the content of the work itself. But it would obviously be a complete disappointment for a book collector, such as someone searching for a genuine First Edition.

    Also, I suppose if the “original” which Google digitally scanned was either incomplete (missing pages), or perhaps damaged in some way (e.g., water marks) a purchaser of the “reprint” might well be out of luck and therefore unhappy with what they buy.

    I suspect many of the purchases are by people who cannot find the Google public domain digital editions on the internet, and conclude the only way they can get access to the material is to buy the print-on-demand version.

  25. I’d conducted two years of early American Colonial history research through the google library. I’d had PoD reprint Google books with a generic cover.

    This work could not be replicated today!

    I’ve seen a massive Privatization of the Public Square by Amazon, Nabu, et al.

    Many of the books I’ve read are our earliest Colonial history; published originally by State Archivists.

    It is a business model that resembles theft.

  26. My husband’s great aunt published a book in 1923 which has been recently republished by Nabu Press without any notice to the family. Who are these people and what gives them the right to publish whatever they please without consent from the family? Aren’t there copyright laws to protect such a thing from happening? Does anyone know how to contact Nabu Press? They seem to be very elusive.

  27. I am a Chinese reader. I feel also cheated by Amazon. The reason why the nasty Nabu print can sell so many “books” which are actually prints, bad prints, is by cheating!

  28. I have only now got to spend some time with a Nabu Press book I purchased from Amazon last year. I have not read the entire book, only one part of it containing an essay I needed to read. That part is missing two pages (i.e., one exposure); another page was scanned with the image of some extraneous page superimposed upon it, rendering the top third useless. I spent $21.50 for this? I did contact Amazon, but only by writing a “review.” Is there some other way I should notify them?

    PS a shout-out to Dave Twitchett above: I share your interest (probably not as developed as yours) in Victorian cycling!

  29. Many of their books are still under copyright in certain parts of the world. I’m getting tired of companies which take such a cavalier attitude to creator rights

  30. Nabu’s imprints keep popping up as I search Alibris, but I’m looking at 16th-17th century works in canon law, hardly a boom business for a press. I cannot fathom how or why Nabu is claiming copies of these works, unless they can do it on demand: getting an order, locating a copiable edition and then having either the instituion or themselves do the scanning. In any case, if they are using volumes they do not own to make their copies, they might not be violating the copyright laws but conceivably could have legal problems with the institutions that own the volumes they scan. Any rare book librarians out there whose institutions have rules against patrons reselling copies of books in their collections?

  31. All of Nabu’s works are printed on demand which is why they can afford to include so many works. Also, the institutions that hold the books do not hold copyrights on them, those are held by the original authors and considering that these books are prior to 1923, they have expired.

    • Works created before January 1, 1978 now follow same rules as works created after that date. To summarize. The copyright spans the author’s entire life and 70 years after the author’s death or the death of the last surviving co-author if more than one. If the author was anonymous or if the book was written under a pseudonym-unless the author’s identity is revealed in the copyright office records-the copyright duration is 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever is shorter. Go to for more details. Two different publishers have published by Great grandfather’s book and I will be seeking advice from an attorney as his copyright is still in effect.

  32. Thank you for easily identifying Nabu and BiblioLife.
    Copies of a Special Edition of the Studio Magazine – “Old Houses in Holland” by Sydney R Jones have just popped up in an Ebay shop in Australia – “the_nile_au”; one lot published by Nabu Press, the other by BiblioLife; neither are true reproductions, wrong covers, wrong number of pages, wrong sized pages etc. As this was first published in 1913 it is “public domain” in USA, but SRJ text and illustrations are still copyright until September 2036 in Europe and Australia under the “seventy year rule.

  33. Hmmm. They have my doctoral dissertation “Suwannee River Town: Suwannee River Country” for sale on Amazon. Guess I’ll be getting a big royalty check soon … or not. Did not of course give them permission. Wonder what to do…if anything?

    • Same thing happened to me. I made inquiry to the library of the Univ. of Florida as well as to Nabu Press. I have not yet heard from them.

  34. Thanks for the warning, I was considering buying the autobography of the Victorian painter William Powell Frith from this bunch of sharks. Shall save my money now.

  35. It appears Nabu or Bibliolife or Book surge or Createspace could have crossed a line. I was talking with a female friendand her mother last night. They were talking about a relative who passed down his manuscripts through the years. They were excited about re-publishing some of his books. One of them is Upazi. I found it listed under Nabu Press with a lot of disclaimers. The family is not pleased to say the least. They will be pursuing the matter in earnest.

  36. Info for Nabu Books; Three books you should of re-printing, as they are all in the Public Domain
    These books were written by Jamaican author Herbert Theodore Thomas; titles: Untrodden Jamaica 1890, Something about Obeah 1891 & The story of a West Indian Policeman-47 years in the Jamaica Constabulary 1927. This man’s history of contribution to Jamaica has been deliberately erased in Jamaica,and needs to be revived to tell
    the true stories before the 1962 Independence from the UK. Check out

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  38. They have reprinted several of our great grandfather’s book, who is known as the Father of Public Health and it is quite shocking to find them there on Amazon for sale. They even have reprinted parts and there is an author placed on one named Kenelm Winslow right next to our grandfather’s name, HIbbert Winslow Hill. It’s a very odd.

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