Contact Phone Number for Google Checkout

Because of a recent unexplained mess with my Google Checkout account (subject of the next post), I like many others started looking for a phone number for them. One would think that given that this is a service people actually pay money for, there would be good support. However, there is no phone number for them. It is interested to note that so far there are only two Google services that provide phone support: paid versions of Google Apps and AdWords.

I did find something else. When Google registered with states to obtain a local state license for a money transmitter, they did provide some real contact info which you can find here as follows:

Phone: (650) 253-4801
Fax No: (650) 618-2682

This presumingly goes to their regulatory guy who probably have an idea of how to get in touch with customer service.

An important thing to keep in mind: most businesses have some sort of a regulatory body on the state or federal level. Complaining to those bodies usually gets results. In this case, if a payment service be it Amazon, Google or Paypal, is licensed in your state, then your state agency is the best bet. They will first relay the complaint to the company, where it will probably get better attention than via some email form.

2 thoughts on “Contact Phone Number for Google Checkout

  1. Been tring to get in touch with someone for months
    A custoemr did a chargeback. It was resolved

    Google took our money, Customer states she dropped chargeback and google has access to $
    Sent many emails over the months.
    Once i got a reply they were looking into this but now i get nothing

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